Empowering individuals to foster change at the institutional level.

Personal, Professional, Organizational
Learning + Healing

Rapidly engage and build rapport to support growth in those you serve.
Support those you serve to leverage their inherent strengths and resilience.
Healing-focused care, support, and growth-centric learning. Personal, professional, and organizational healing

The Share Collaborative Mission

Professional development for Human Services. We simplify the implementation of trauma-informed methods by delivering tailored and practical training sessions that are instantly applicable. Join Share Collaborative, collaborate with us, and move into your new framework as an organization. We are on this journey together, and we believe the change we want to see in the world begins with us and starts at the organizational level. Learn more.

Share Collaborative Trainings


Integrative strategies to support direct service staff to have an empowering conversation about healing + change with those they serve, while prioritizing their personal wellbeing.


Guidance to observe and code the intention throughout the MI process. Identify instances of learning, evoking, and empathizing for supportive conversations.


Understand the deeper impact of traumatic experiences on humans; explore and identify the triggers and adaptive behaviors that result from constant traumatic stress.


Experiential learning and exploration of how your team can support each other, maintain balance and wellness—putting the human in human services.


Foster staff critical thinking aligned with your organization's values and direction to decrease compassion fatigue, vicarious traumatization and reduce the incidence of burnout.


Explore the four principles of Cultural Humility: Self-Reflection + Life-long Learning, Served Person as Expert, Community as Expert, and Institutional Self-Reflection and Investment as a path to becoming Culturally Reverent.


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Meet the Share Collaborative Team

Share Collaborative is a collective of innovative and experienced trainers. We support teams to increase their ability to embrace a trauma-informed, culturally reverent approach. With over 25 years of experience as direct service providers, program managers, and executive leaders, our trainers have a comprehensive understanding of the constraints and dynamics of day-to-day human service in a range of environments.


Learn everything our learners and leaders have to say about Share Collaborative.

“This training was extremely applicable to my daily work. The exercises were impactful and promoted understanding and comprehension. Motivational Interviewing will greatly impact our program.”


Life Skills Coordinator

“This training creates a social conscience. Shawn was very helpful and encouraging in his work. Knew what he was teaching and evoking. The training was great and active!”


Community Health Navigator | Children’s Hospital

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training & love using MI & getting others excited about it & the training helps me learn how to do so!”


Social Worker

Our Partners

Life After Hate

Life After Hate is committed to helping people leave the violent far-right to connect with humanity and lead compassionate lives. Our vision is a world that allows people to change and contribute to a society without violence.

Financial Health Institute

Revolutionizing Health and Human Services through training, technology, and evaluation.

Growing Minds

Our mission is to empower adults to build safe and trusting relationships, thus creating kinder communities and better learning environments for youth.  Using mindfulness-based practices, participants learn to quiet their minds and bodies, focus better, connect and flourish…whatever the circumstances.

Our Approach

At Share Collaborative, we deliver engaging, cost-effective, and time-efficient training with a focus on the journey, on implementation. Empathetic and collaborative, we empower leaders and emerging voices within an organization for stronger outcomes and value-driven growth. Working with Share Collaborative, your team will gain high-level expertise to sustain emotionally intelligent leadership skills over time