Healing-Focused Care

Comprehensive Healing-Focused Care Training to Combat Burnout

In compassionate care, fatigue and burnout are common phenomena. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to fill another’s glass when yours is low. At Share Collaborative, we offer a foundational program to empower and engage staff in healing-focused care.

From our own experience and research, we know it matters more how we are doing what we are doing in service to others. Engaging with those we serve is essential as rapport is the key to positive outcomes, but we must also build rapport within ourselves and our team. This is especially true when we are serving persons that have experienced trauma.

Our Healing-Focused Care (HFC) training model is an evidence-informed, foundational approach that focuses on how we serve others, with a specific focus on healing trauma and honor a person’s self-ascribed identity. HFC targets the relational qualities of healing relationships to surface the inherent resilience of trauma survivors so they may thrive while treating them with respect and dignity and honoring their identity. A guiding style, HFC puts served persons in charge of their healing. We have designed HFC to operationalize Trauma-Informed Care and Cultural Humility.

HFC creates a common, foundational approach across role types in any program, agency, and system. Providing a consistent service approach increases safety and trust for served persons, reduces burnout and compassion fatigue in direct service providers, and lowers turnover.


The comprehensive Healing-Focused Care training includes education, skill-building, and practice in the following evidence-based core components:

Trauma + Resilience: We explore the impact of trauma on worldview, adaptive behaviors, neurobiology resulting in triggers and repeating the cycle of trauma.

Wellness for Teams: This care training offers practical healing practices for service guides to avoid burnout, vicarious traumatization, and compassion fatigue.

Motivational Interviewing: Training with a trauma-informed, culturally reverent perspective allowing service guides to hold space for trauma survivors to heal and thrive while respecting their unique cultural identity.

Cultural Humility to Cultural Reverence: Beyond cultural diversity “training”, this program helps ensures a person’s identity is honored during the healing journey.

Reflective Supervision: We leverage the skills and concepts in MI so that leaders may empower teams and hold space for those on the frontline.

Each component of Healing-Focused Care training complements and enhances the learning in the other workshops. Offering plenty of opportunity for applied and contextual work. Healing-Focused Care serves as a comprehensive, foundational program for any organization that provides care and service.


Shawn Smith leads Healing-Focused Care training with humor and insight. His experience helps organizational leaders emerge and find the right approach for their needs.

Feedback from Learners

“Healing-focused care filled in the holes that social service providers have. If we all do this, our services will be airtight.”
Social Worker
“The tools I received and the experience I gained are going to entirely shift my ability as a social worker into high gear. Trainers were helpful, supportive, and never boring. ”
Coordinated Entry Assessment Team
“Skills and tools to nurture and explore also can be applied in various contexts. Helps to install authenticity in work!! Energetic & encouraging! Encouraged everyone to connect & participate. ”
Chair of Staff Training Development