Meet Ameenah Rashid, A.M., MSW

Ameenah Rashid, A.M., MSW

WHY ameenah SHARES

I share because I believe in the importance of sharing and being vulnerable as central to fostering authentic connections and personal growth. To embrace vulnerability means that people can establish genuine connections, promoting mutual understanding and support within relationships. Sharing my experiences and listening to the experiences of others cultivates empathy, trust, and mutual respect, creating spaces where healing and personal transformation can expand. From a relational perspective, shared vulnerability is fundamental to building healthier and more resilient communities.

ABOUT ameenah

Ameenah Rashid, A.M., MSW, is a Licensed Social Worker with a diverse background in transformative justice, program management, and community advocacy. Holding a Master of Arts in Social Work with special program of study in Transformative Justice from the University of ChicagoSchool of Social work, Policy, and Practice, and a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Governors State University, Ameenah specializes in research areas such as gender-responsive reentry, mass incarceration, and behavioral health within underserved communities.


With a rich history of professional experience, Ameenah has held pivotal roles such as Education and Curriculum Director, overseeing program development at a racial equity consulting firm, and Continuing Education and Online Program Manager at the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social work, Policy, and Practice, focusing on professional development and continuing education for social workers and other human services professionals.


Her research and fieldwork experience include impactful studies on social capacity building, parole, and reentry, resulting in notable publications and conference presentations. She actively contributes to academia as a guest reviewer for the Journal of Social Service Research and remains engaged in advocacy through volunteer work and affiliations with professional associations.


Ameenah is driven by a commitment to social justice, utilizing their expertise in transformative justice, relational cultural theory, and trauma-informed work to effect meaningful change in criminal justice systems and marginalized communities.