With our program’s engaging, experiential nature, we solicit honest feedback to help us grow and evolve our program and approach to Healing-Focused Care, Motivational Interviewing, and other wellness approaches. Here are some Share Collaborative reviews and testimonials to help you assess if our programs are right for you and your organization.

Our philosophy goes more in-depth than “train and hope” models. We learn with you on each step of your journey. Our guidance can help you offer better trauma-informed, culturally reverent care to all populations while continuing to operate with sensitivity and awareness of the impact of healing work on staff, volunteers, service professionals, leaders and all members of your team.

What Our Learners Say

"This training creates a social conscience. Shawn was very helpful and encouraging in his work. Knew what he was teaching and evoking. The training was great and active!"
Community Health Navigator | Children's Hospital
"Definitely something that will benefit the population I serve. Humorous, knowledgeable, made information fun."
Lead Clinical Case Manager | Homeless Shelter for Men
"This training was structured, organized, and the concepts flowed together to facilitate learning. Lots of good safe opportunities for practice. I really feel the days went by quickly. Shawn was knowledgeable and told good stories."
Case Manager | Opening Avenues to Recovery Services
"Great presentation. Shawn was able to simplify a complex idea and connect it to my work. I can see how it fit into my interactions with clients. Great stories, examples, and videos."
Case Manager | Homeless Shelter for Men
"I thoroughly enjoyed the training and love using MI & getting others excited about it. And the training helps me learn how to do so!"
Social Worker
"I have attended countless MI trainings, but this one is by far the most interactive and will stick with me. Many interactive activities. Kept everyone engaged."
Case Worker
"Great, engaging speaker. Fun and funny!"
Case Manager | Housing Program

What Our Leaders Say

"The behavior changes we see come about in our clients is because of the relationship the workers are able to build with the youth. Sometimes we have time constraints so rapid engagement is important. Our staff are seeing the change as they make MI their own. We now have an MI work group that is meeting on a regular basis. Staff have been very pleased with Shawn, he's well organized, a great trainer, they come out very motivated."
Social Work Supervisor | County Social Services
"Excellent trainer. Modeled what he was teaching and held your attention. Personable, knowledgeable, very attentive to his audience. Obvious he is a professional in the field."
Executive Director
"Great balance of learning through talk and interaction. Kept us engaged through the day."
Executive Director
"Although I don't work with clients, I do supervise staff - and I have a teenager - and I learned a lot that I didn't expect! Great use of examples, activities, and humor!"
Assistant Director
"Very informative and broad-based. Good mix of video, presentation, and small group work."
Homeless Shelter Director
"The training was very interactive and informative. Able to relate the information to my job. Humorous, engaging, did not feel talked at - felt talked with - more of a conversation.."
Program Manager

We value our community and want to hear from you. If you have questions or feedback on any of our training programs, please reach out. We are here to serve you.