Wellness for Teams

Organizational Wellness is Vital for Preventing Burnout

When service providers are working to heal trauma, they often hold space for others to heal. But how does the healer heal?

Without Organizational Wellness interventions in place, providers experience:

  • Burnout
  • Vicarious traumatization
  • Compassion fatigue
  • High turnover rates
  • Errors, mistakes, and omissions
  • Lower quality of care

These factors are prevalent for those working in human services. These experiences can affect individual service providers, impact outcomes, and spill into their personal lives. Turnover in the compassionate service sectors is significant.

Not only does trauma and compassion fatigue impact providers, but it impacts those they serve. Children in the foster care system have a 76% chance of placement with one case manager. Due to turnover, if a child has two case managers, the chance for placement goes down to 15%.

Organizational Wellness programs are critical to the health and wellbeing of practitioners and teams. At Share Collaborative, our Organizational Wellness program offers a day of training for service providers, offering practical, healing interventions they can carry out individually or as a team.


Self-Care Strategies

We share practical, hands-on application for self-care and self-compassion skills that practitioners can use on-the-job or off. These real-world strategies help care providers find balance.

Development of an Individual Wellness Plan

Self-care and wellness look different for each person. We help care providers craft an individual wellness plan that’s tailored to their needs, schedule, and interests.

Dedicated explorations of Healing Interventions

We’ll explore proven healing interventions and practices such as mindfulness and creating a wellness circle to enhance your self-care practice.

Importance of Wellness

We explore the importance of wellness for practitioners to provide effective services to their clientele. This gives weight and practical reasoning to the “why” of self-care.



Jojopah takes a wholistic, spiritual-yet-grounded approach to personal and professional development with extensive experience in the field of trauma-informed care and healing.


Noor guides positive change work with insight and experience to assist caregivers with their wellness journey.


Shawn with extensive experience in organizational wellness, Shawn’s insight and humor help students prioritize their wellbeing during their compassionate service journey.

Feedback from Learners

"Organizational Wellness training was exactly what I needed! Very important. They were absolutely engaging, caring, open, and genuine.”