Meet Michelle Vande Hey

Michele Vande Hey

Certified Holistic Life Coach

ABOUT Michelle

Michelle is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and has a Business Management Degree. She has been helping folks feel empowered by their choices since 2019 as a health coach and later as life coach for women after loss.


After working with several mission-driven organizations to speak as well as facilitate trauma sensitive yoga and meditation Michelle found that so many organizations are run by people that have big hearts AND are often exhausted. That exhaustion in turn affects their personal health and relationships as well as the success of their organization. Now, Michelle helps mission-driven leaders and organizations to prioritize themselves and power their mission so they can flourish together.


Michelle’s mission is to create a more inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous world Her lived experiences have shaped who she is today. Triumph through trauma has been a cornerstone to her life. Her ability to adapt to change has helped her move from surviving to thriving many times throughout her life. Michelle is currently becoming a certified Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator after using it with clients for over a year.


“I share because I believe we all have many more shared experiences than most realize. Once we realize that most people are either going through or have gone through something in their lives that requires some healing it’s easier for us to offer them compassion. When we feel compassion for ourselves and those around us, we forgive more easily and connect more deeply. I believe everyone deserves to feel peace, freedom, and joy in all areas of their life. The toxic culture of sacrificial servanthood needs to end and that starts now! It starts with you. You are worth it!”

Empowering individuals to foster change at the institutional level.

Professional development for Human Services. We simplify the implementation of trauma-informed methods by delivering tailored and practical training sessions that are instantly applicable.