Meet Jesse Berg

Jesse Berg


“I share MI because I enjoy connecting and supporting others who are passionate to serve. MI offers a simple way to talk about and explore some very complex realities of suffering in our world, it connects with us on that deeper level yet it is very practical. Practicing MI can bring light to situations that feel very dark, it allows us to be present with others and ourselves in the hardest of times. The practice of Cultural Humility allows us to be radically open to experiences and perspectives of folks who come from very different backgrounds from our own. The practice of Cultural Humility invites us to connect in an authentic and respectful way by valuing differences and honoring common humanity. Cultural Humility invites us to practice true compassion by honoring diversity and the societal context of inequitable power dynamics, and MI provides us with a tangible skill set to use that compassion in order to help others in a complex world.”