Meet Jamiella Brooks

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Jamiella Brooks


“I share because I know learning is an ongoing process. We always wish we could have known more in any given moment. Building knowledge means we continually need to learn, and I believe Cultural Humility to Cultural Reverence (CH2CR) gets us to that process. I share because I believe in building ourselves up, day by day, to become better versions of humans than we were before, simply by listening, seeking to understand, and engaging one another in humility.”


Jamiella brings over 10 years of professional experience at the intersection of higher education and advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice through training, outreach, scholarship programs, and affinity groups. She is formerly associate and founding director of inclusive pedagogy at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the University of Pennsylvania, and prior to that, the CTL at Berea College, where bell hooks’ institute was established. Currently, she is the Director for Student Equity Initiatives at Penn Carey Law School.


Jamiella earned her Ph.D. at University of California, Davis in French Language and Literature, and served as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in France. Brooks is the author of several articles, including “A Call to Interrogate Educational Development for Racism and Colonization” in Faculty Focus, “Generatives from a First-Gen Low-Income PhD Mother of Color,” in the 2020 second edition of Presumed Incompetent: Race, Class, Power, and Resistance of Women in Academia. Her current projects include researching linguistic equity and justice focusing on African American Language, and Rigor as Inclusive Practice, re-defining rigor around principles of equity and inclusivity.