Meet Noor Jawad

Noor Jawad


Noor delights in educating and guiding clients in personalized healthy lifestyle design and healing arts practice for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. She emphasizes the importance of disease prevention by integrating self-care healing practices that help clients reframe intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual values

She guides and supports her clients as they navigate the profound process of personal evolution. Participants develop new skills and learn to reclaim and regenerate their creative energies. They are enabled to transcend self-imposed limitations and access a dynamic, positive response to negative challenges, societal influences, and personal fears. Her clients and students realize exponential growth in self-leadership mastery. They gain a deepened self-awareness and value in maintaining spiritual health and wellness in daily living.


Noor is a former Health and Human Services researcher/planner and program director serving diverse communities in Milwaukee and the SE Wisconsin area. She maintains a 25 year Life Transformation Coaching and Self-Care Wellness Education practice. Her services are formatted to private coaching, organizational development focus groups, workshops, and retreats.

She holds a BS in Natural Health Sciences, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master Practitioner, and a certified Auricular Detox Acupuncture Specialist. Her services are available to local, national, and international clients.


“I share because I care deeply about mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing. I’ve learned that consciously choosing to Self-care, to give myself what I need, reduces personal resentments, fears, and anger. It increases creativity, possibility thinking, and positive connections to others. A new sense of balance gets regenerated, and I am fulfilled. Humility and reverence must be learned and practiced. Revealing my authentic self makes me vulnerable, open to learning, and honoring other human beings. Offering Trauma-Informed and Healing-Focused Care reminds me that healthy relations are more sustainable, the more we share.”