Meet Tony Gardner

Tony Gardner

ABOUT tony
Tony Gardner has a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and a master’s degree in Pastoral Care. His approach to helping others is grounded in a strengths-based and spiritual approach that aims to build independence, compassion and resilience in others. Tony uses the transformational power of lived experience, creativity and connection to support others in their recovery journeys. Tony has several self-published works including journals and a book of poetry. He utilizes therapeutic journaling. Tony currently serves as a substance use (AODA) counselor at Wisconsin Community Services (WCS) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“I share MI because I know what it is to be in the pit of despair. To be thrown a lifeline even when I did not know I needed it. I share to stay connected with my humanity and to connect with unique humans with unique experiences. In this I hope we may invade the darkness of superiority / racism / exclusivity with the light of empowerment and cultural humility. Culturally speaking there are differences, but humanly speaking we are the same. Coming together using MI will establish a humble community/workforce where peace is celebrated, and survival is a joint effort.”