Meet Tatiana Maida

Tatiana Maida

Share Collaborative Trainer on Cultural Humility


Tatiana Maida has worked at Sixteenth Community Health Centers since 2010, where she developed and currently manages the Healthy Choices Department. This obesity intervention focuses on comprehensive family education, community leadership development, and the transformation of the nutrition and physical activity environment. In this role, Tatiana has led different initiatives and partners with several organizations to increase access to healthy food and safe and active neighborhoods with an equitable and grassroots approach.

Tatiana’s deep commitment to equity and community empowerment has been reflected in the creation of Latinos por la Salud (LPLS), a community advocacy group formed by residents’ leaders and health promoters. In collaboration with LPLS, Tatiana has led different projects such as the Healthy Grocery Store Campaign in 2012, the creation of the Annual Southside Bicycle Day, which has become the largest community event in the neighborhood, or her participation on the Complete Streets Policy Coalition to strategically ensure safer streets for walkers, bikers, or people with disabilities.  

Tatiana’s deep interest in data that is collected in partnership with the same residents prompted her to lead several large-scale neighborhood assessments, which include: Walkability, Bikeability, and Community Health Assessments that are planned, conducted, and evaluated in partnership with resident leaders. Tatiana’s decade of work in public health has impacted the lives of thousands of adults and children in the south-side of Milwaukee; she has developed a model for obesity intervention and has become a leading voice for health equity in the Latino community at the State level.


Tatiana has served as a Board member for the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Food Council, the Leadership Council of HealthTIDE, and the Bike/Pedestrian Taskforce of the City of Milwaukee. In 2019, Tatiana was appointed by Governor Tony Evers to serve in the Wisconsin Public Health Council in Madison, where she is a strong advocate for diversity and the need to include community voice in decision-making spaces.


Tatiana’s personal mission is to mobilize change towards health equity, racial justice, and human growth. Her passion and expertise are in the areas of community empowerment and leadership, program development, and Latino cultural competency and Cultural Humility.  

Originally from Bolivia, she has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Social Development. Her experience with social and nonprofit work began in Bolivia, her native country, where she worked for several organizations dedicated to rural, indigenous communities. Later, in 2002 when she moved to the United States, she worked as a free-lance journalist for bilingual newspapers and magazines in Los Angeles and Milwaukee.


“I have lived and learned the importance of understanding those who are different than me; those who have different stories, values, and behaviors. In a country as diverse as this, we have a responsibility to understand each other with a clearer mind and an open heart. Share Collaborative gives us the opportunity to leave, for a moment, the mask we wear every day; and it creates a safe space to share and connect; the possibility of imagining other realities and experiences; and the inspiration and power to live more meaningful lives … with others.”