Meet Tatiana Maida

Tatiana Maida

Share Collaborative Trainer 
on Cultural Humility, Trauma + Resilience, and Team Wellness


Tatiana’s commitment to work for and with the most vulnerable began in Bolivia, her native country, after witnessing all aspects of discrimination that impacted the lives of indigenous communities. Since then Tatiana’s work has evolved over the years from journalism, education, advocacy and leadership, always with her personal mission in mind: to mobilize change towards equity, racial justice, and human growth.


Tatiana has over a decade of work in Public Health and Obesity that has impacted the health of thousands of adults and children in the southside of Milwaukee through the design and implementation of comprehensive programming that combines family centered education with grassroots advocacy. In addition, she works as Equity consultant and Cultural Competence/Humility trainer for local and statewide organizations and institutions. 

Tatiana has served on several Boards and Councils, and in 2019 she was appointed by Governor Tony Evers to serve in the Wisconsin Public Health Council in Madison, where she is a strong advocate for diversity and the need to include community voice in decision making spaces. 

Her passion and expertise are in the areas of Program Development, Community Leadership, Equity and Cultural Humility.

Tatiana has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Social Development. Her experience with social and nonprofit work began in Bolivia, her native country, where she worked for several organizations dedicated to rural, indigenous communities. Later, in 2002 when she moved to the United States she worked as a free-lance journalist for bilingual newspapers and magazines in Los Angeles and Milwaukee.


“I share because I believe that in a country and world as diverse as this one, we have the opportunity and responsibility to learn from each other and grow with each other. That is the only way to create a path for equity and ultimately for the health and happiness we all want. Share Collaborative gives us the chance to put down for a moment some of the hats we wear every day; and connect in a safe space where we can imagine other experiences and possibilities; and where we can find the inspiration and power to transform this world.”